The Art of Living

Naomi Raquel Ruiz. 20 year old Artist. Taken. SATX. Compulsive doodler. Spontaneous.

I can’t believe you…

I did everything for you! EVERYTHING! I can’t fucking believe you would say some shit about me like that. No matter how much you’ve hurt me I have never talked bad or put something like that on fb. The last thing I am is those things you called me…. I understand you’re hurt you have every right to be… But I do too!! So livid!


"I want to thank you for showing me what love is. I wasn’t alive before that."

So proud of you Ali 💕

I can’t believe you would call me a bitch…

Need some advice…

Lazy day with my love bug 😘

Gym life is good.

Last night went to the gym then watched Little Mermaid with my sistas 💕👌

Miss my red hair.

Ootd with funny faces for days…
Sweater crop top, gray skirt, with Teva sandals :)